Services - Precision Metal Fab

Laser Cutting

Precision Metal Fab offers superior laser cutting services with fast lead times and exceptional precision. Our state-of-the-art laser cutting systems are able to cut wide variety of materials and thicknesses up to 1.5"


We offer a wide range of solutions to your stamping needs with presses ranging in size from 25 to 300 ton. Additionally, all of our presses are equipped with precision servo feeds, powered straighteners and de-coilers. Our stamping shop can provide everything from small volume and prototype fabrication to large volume mass production; die building, die maintenance, stamping, welding, and assembly can all be done under one roof.

Further Fabrication Capabilites

Our facitily is equipped with a wide array of machines capaable of fulfilling your manufacturing needs. Press brake forming, roll forming, machining, weldniog, and assembly are just a few of services we are able to provide. We work closely with customers to ensure their fabrication needs are being met and are able to adjust our shop's capabilities at a whim to accomodations.

Services - Precision Tool & Die

Tool and Die Repair

There as so many amazing places to go and things to see on the planet, making it sometimes hard for you to pick one. At Precision Metal Fab, we are all about helping you choose the perfect spot so you can go have the time and experience of your life.

Tool and Die Building

Where you stay really does make the difference between a okay vacation and the vacation of a lifetime. We use our first-hand travel experience to ensure you get the accommodations that are perfectly suited to your personality and style.

High Precision, Custom Parts

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